Lynda Gammon

A significant area of Lynda Gammon’s artistic production over the past several decades has dealt with the subject of space/place, which she has explored through installation works employing sculptural and photographic elements. Ideas of architecture, space, shelter, and inhabitation are considered through the disciplines of sculpture, performance, assemblage, photography and collage. Her work is positioned between the flat illusionistic space of photography and the volumetric physical space of sculpture. She is interested in the differences and connections that occur when represented space (i.e., the photograph) and presented space (i.e. the sculpture) meet. Gammon, studied at The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, [B.A.] and York University [ M.F.A. 1983]. She is an Associate Professor in the Visual Arts Department. In 2004 Gammon established flask which is dedicated to the production and publication of books by artists and writers