Saturday, January 23, 1999 to Saturday, February 27, 1999

    This exhibition presents books in a variety of media demonstrating this important aspect of contemporary art production. Questioning the traditional forms of the printed book, these artists propose new forms, new contents and new ways to “read”. The artists explore new territories experimentation and research. Modified, cut out, simplified or totally transformed, the book even when unique, is often a touchable object. The public is invited to take some time to “read” what is given to look at and touch.
    The presentation is divided in two parts. The principal part shows the work of Gray Fraser (Montreal), Sara Graham (Calgary) and Adriene Jenik (Los Angeles). Their books are made of very different materials, from paper to CD-ROM. The second part shows a selection of “small press” publications, leaflet, and other “things” to read, paginated or not…