Declan Carpen

Winds in D Minor, 2014 • The Oak Tree’s Son, 2014 Declan Carpen’s The Oak Tree’s Son is a self-portrait. A previous painting (The Oak Tree) is a portrait of his father. For him, a tree is a source of life. He speaks about the oxygenation of forests that are so necessary to protect and nourish life on earth. He is a painter who melds a graphic sensibility with a keen observation of nature, expressed in the multitude of colours and textures of the oak trees’ bark. Carpen has a passion for organ music that is expressed beautifully in Winds in D Minor, a work based on the organ in the Montréal Cathedral. He speaks with authority about the power and richness of organ music, which is made apparent in the dynamism of the shapes of the organ pipes in the painting.
/ H'art of Ottawa